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AI Prompts Features

Synchronize Discussions on All Devices

Take your discussions wherever you go, thanks to our cloud storage feature that keeps the conversation intact across any platform.

ultra Secure Servers

Rest assure that your conversations are guarded wisely as our servers are secured and constantly updated.

Discussion Collaboration

Keep track of each user’s ideas and help every single one of them build off one another for a better collaborative experience

Quick Reactions

React quickly to comments by clicking the designated reaction icons within the chat to register your opinion on the matter.

Conversation Explorer

Jump back to previous interactions to find the answer to any questions that arise in the course of the conversation

Topic Organization

Organize topics into categories and subcategories for a smoother navigation of the discussion.

Multi-Channel Conversations

Pair with other platforms such as messenger for a heightened conversational experience and accessorize the chat with images and videos.


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