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AI Prompts Features

Manage Tasks Seamlessly

Organize your to-do lists, schedule tasks effectively, and manage priorities with itWrites intuitive prompting system.

Track Work Progress

Keep track of project progress, assess workflow performance, and identify areas for improvement with itWrites.

Analyze Performance Data

Stay up to date on your performance metrics and analyze quantitative data to make informed decisions with itWrites.

Generate Reports & Trends

Use itWrites reporting capabilities to generate custom trends and reports, ensuring you stay on top of your progress.

Automatic File Storage

Browse and store documents securely with itWrites powerful file storage system, accessible anywhere you go.

Personalize Alerts & Reminders

Receive real-time alerts and reminders, ensuring you never miss a deadline or forget an upcoming task.

Seamless Device Syncing

Sync data between multiple devices, making your files and progress accessible on all your favourite devices with itWrites.


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