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AI Prompts Features

Solo Travel Prompts

ItWrites provides an extensive collection of prompts specifically tailored to the needs of a solo traveler. Learn more about your favorite destinations and gain valuable insights as you plan your journey.

Unique Content Generation

Using OpenAI's natural language processing, our platform is able to generate unique and compelling content at a single touch. Get creative while also saving time on content creation.

Multi-Faceted Settings

Configure settings like difficulty levels, review usage history, and export your generated content with ease. Take complete control of your workflow without compromising on your productivity.

Search and Filter

Narrow down your prompt searches using key words, tags, or number of syllables, so you get the results you need. Save time on the selection process and unlock your full creative potential.

Save Favourite Prompts

Discover the prompts that resonate with you and save them for future use.Rate them and track your progress over time so you know exactly where you stand.

Get Insights on Ideas

Embark on an exploration of varied themes and topics.Interrogate each of the prompts to get deeper insights on how your travel ideas could be transformed into compelling stories.

Engaging Visuals

Bring your content to life with unique visuals that make your story stand out. Whether you need videos, images or GIFs, just click the button and watch your stories come alive.


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