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Increase Pronunciation Accuracy

Improve your pronunciation accuracy with the assistance of OpenAI. Our AI assistant will help you target certain hard-to-pronounce words and let you know when you have mastered them with its detailed feedback.

Access to Extensive Libraries

Gain access to a broad selection of books, movies, and conversations all integrated into the itWrites platform. Our AI assistant can easily discern and detect difficult words from our various sources, making the lessons fun, and easy to understand.

Flexibility Across Languages

Train yourself in variety of different languages, from French to German to Spanish. Our AI-powered assistant is designed to detect both simple and complex words and sentences and provide comprehensive pronunciation feedback across all languages.

Adaptive Learning Strategies

Leverage our AI-enabled learning strategies and adaptive feedback loop that's able to learn and adapt to your pronunciation style. Our AI assistant will track the words you struggle with and provide you with customized feedback accordingly.

Dynamic Performance Tracking

Track your accuracy and performance across different domains. Our AI assistant performance dashboard helps you keep track of your performance by providing you with comprehensive grading and feedback throughout your learning process.

Real-Time Conversation Assistant

Take the next step in your pronunciation journey with our real-time conversation assistant. Our AI-enabled assistant evaluates your pronunciation and lets you know when you need more practice to maximize your understanding and articulation.

Get Certified By Professionals

Gain a professional level of articulation and receive official certifications. Our AI assistant will assess and evaluate your knowledge and help you in attaining top scores in language proficiency tests and certification exams.


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