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AI Prompts Features

Vast Library of Musical Prompts

itWrites offers a wide range of musical prompt types, from classical, pop, and jazz to EDM, hip-hop and beyond. Spend less time searching for ideas and more time crafting your music masterpiece.

Breakthrough Creative Ideas

Discover new pathways to creativity with prompts optimized to inspire and challenge your artistic creative process. Unlock ideas that you never thought of before.

Improve Strengths & Weaknesses

Figure out how to bridge the gap between your strengths and weaknesses and become a better musician. Learn to take your work to the next level with hands-on guidance from the itWrites platform.

Collaboration and Feedback

ItWrites encourages collaboration and feedback from the community to foster creativity and make sure your music ideas come to fruition. Get feedback from professional musicians and music aficionados to help refine your work.

Easy and Intuitive Structure

itWrites allows users to experience a simpler workflow with an intuitive structure, resulting in a more efficient approach to music production. You can easily create and manage your musical ideas with minimal effort.

Teamwork & Productivity

Learn to maximize your productivity by collaborating with team members and fellow artists. Get the opportunity to hear constructive input so you can move forward with your music more quickly.

Take it With You

itWrites is a powerful, portable tool that can be used on any device. Your work is easily stored in the cloud, so you can have access to your best music ideas even on the go.


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