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Cuisine Selection From Around the World

Discover cuisine from around the world without leaving your home! Just ask itWrites to make personalized dining suggestions based on local culinary offerings.

Book Local Restaurants Instantly

Book local restaurant reservations at your convenience with the help of our AI assistant. Get recommendations, browse co-workers' reviews, and get the best deals for each restaurant in just a few clicks.

Instant Shopping for Groceries

With itWrites, you can get your groceries delivered right to your door within minutes! Ask our AI assistant to help find the best food prices around you, compare items, and check out within seconds.

Find Food Trucks Nearby

Craving some of the best street food around? Look no further! itWrites can help you explore local food truck offerings in your area and get discounts on signature dishes.

Get the Latest Food Trends

Staying on-top of the ever-changing food trends has never been easier! Get the latest and greatest recipes and restaurant recommendations from our AI assistant.

Healthy Prepared Meals

Having a hard time keeping up with healthy eating? itWrites can help! Our AI assistant can provide you with easy recipes and the convenience of ordering healthy, pre-cooked meals from nearby restaurants.

AI-Powered Assistance

itWrites offers an AI-powered assistant to help you save time and find the best deals. Get personalized suggestions, restaurant reviews, and shopping price comparisons tailored for your needs.


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