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AI Prompts Features

Accurate Sentence Structure

Let itWrites's AI assistant accurately assess your sentence structure and grammar to identify and fix spelling and punctuation errors.

Optimized Writing Flow

Gain more productivity from your writing sessions with itWrites's intelligent recommendations and personalized prompts.

Creative Writing Assistance

Make the most of our OpenAI prompts and unlock your creative potential with itWrites's automated writing support.

Organized Editing Tools

Easily edit your content with itWrites's advanced and intuitive editing tools, such as content reverifying, enhanced workflow tracking, and writing feedback.

Secure File Sharing

Safely share and collaborate on your content with itWrites's secure file sharing feature, giving you peace of mind knowing your content is secure.

Advanced Search Feature

Quickly search through your content with itWrites's powerful search engine, allowing you to easily locate any document you need.

Data Backup

Rest assured that your data is always safe and secure with itWrites's automated data backup service, ensuring that nothing is ever lost.


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