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AI Prompts Features

Suggestions from the Goal-Setting Experts

Get personalized suggestions to help you set achievable goals and make more realistic plans in less time.

Simple Task Classifier

Automatically classify tasks into different areas of focus in order to generate more efficient plans for the upcoming days, weeks, and months.

Reminder of Milestones

Set milestones and receive timely reminders of the next steps – perfect for short-term goals that require frequent check-ins.

Update Goals Instantly

Quickly adjust goals as circumstances or motivation change. Push yourself to complete goals faster and stay on track.

Real-Time Measurement of Progress

Monitor your progress in real-time to measure how far you've come. Use this visibility to confidently adjust your plan as needed and celebrate your achievements.

Flexible, Schedule-Friendly Alerts

Set up alerts that match your favorite schedule and ensure that you're notified of your upcoming objectives without having to constantly check in.

Power of the OpenAI API

Experience the power of OpenAI-driven AI assistants and achieve more with the AI Trainer powered by itWrites.


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