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AI Prompts Features

Personalized Prompts For Your Fitness Goals

itWrites’ AI assistant creates personalized prompts related to your fitness goals. You can easily manage and review progress on your fitness journey.

Flexible Diet Planning Options

Choose from a range of diet plans that cater to your needs. Track and monitor your food intake, schedule reminders, and measure results.

Real-Time Activity Tracking

itWrites will track your activity in real-time, giving you an accurate view of your progress towards your fitness goals.

Set & Achieve Fitness Goals

Set realistic fitness goals and work towards achieving them with the help of our AI assistant. Track your journey with the help of our AI coach.

Optimise Your Workout Routine

Improve your health with regular exercise and workout routines. our AI assistant will optimize your workout routine to maximise its effects.

Analyse Your Training Patterns

Observe and analyse your training patterns and compare them to your goals. Get feedback on your performance with the help of our AI assistant.

Stay Motivated

Be motivated with our AI coach! Stay on track with reminders, rewards, and other incentives that are tailored to your fitness goals.


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