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AI Prompts Features

Generate Explanations Instantly

Create powerful and engaging explanations via OpenAI technology, all with the click of a button.

Fine Tune Your Content

Easily edit your generated content without compromising quality. Ensure you’re giving your readers the best possible explanation.

Structures Your Writing Clearly

OpenAI’s advanced system clearly organizes your generated content into understandable chunks, making your writing more straightforward.

Save Your Outputs

Quickly save and reuse your content, instead of redoing it every time. Spend less time generating content and more time creating.

Prompting Ideas When Needed

Never worry about not knowing a topic. Get inspired with OpenAI’s prompt feature and start generating content in seconds.

Copy Versions with Different Intents

With itWrites, you can copy your content with different intents quickly and conveniently. Expand your readers’ understanding of the topic.

Share Your Content with Ease

No need to worry about compatibility. With itWrites you can easily and instantly share your content with your readers, no matter the platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I copy my content with different intents?

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