The Ultimate AI-Powered AssistantBug Reporter: Create Professional Reports Instantly

AI Prompts Features

Quick and Professional Reports

Generate comprehensive bug reports in minutes, designed to be easily read by techs and clients alike.

Timeline Management

Track and manage the timeline involved in fixing the bug, ensuring all techs and stakeholders are up-to-date.

Group Collaboration

Connect with team members in real-time using provided group chatroom, and streamline the debugging process.

Vast Database

OpenAI provides enhanced accuracy and a comprehensive database of reviews and more.

Genuine Smart Suggestions

Improve the quality and speed of your bug reports with auto-generated AI advice.

Customizable Prompts

Create your own unique OpenAI prompts with automated tuning to get the most out of your experience.

Enhance Security

A secure connection to the OpenAI cloud service to keep your bug reports safe and secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

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