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AI Prompts Features

It Helps You Manage Your Stress Levels & Emotions

The itWrites Prompts act as the perfect tool to manage stress and anxiety levels. Our generated openAI prompts will let you explore your emotions in order to better understand yourself and help you come up with solutions.

It Gives You an Avenue to Connect With Your Peers

The itWrites platform allows you to connect with other users sharing similar struggles. Our Anxiety and Stress Relief Prompt creates a safe and secure environment for those who seek to engage in meaningful conversations to reach better solutions to their problems.

It Helps You Keep Track of Your Progress

Our simple yet effective progress tracking system helps you track your progression over time and shows you the results of your submissions instantly. This will help you gain perspective and better plan out your journey to tackling Anxiety & Stress.

It Offers Suggestions to Overcome Challenges

The Anxiety and Stress Relief Prompt offers tailored suggestions based on your mood so you can quickly access the help you need and get back to tackling your challenges head on.

It Lets You Set & Manage Goals For Yourself

itWrites's goal setting feature helps you set realistic objectives and break them down into manageable tasks that are tailored to your needs. This makes the journey of overcoming Anxiety & Stress much more manageable.

It Gives You Motivation & Support To Achieve Success

itWrites's inbuilt support system not only helps you reach your destination but also provides you with motivation to stay on track. Our curated content and generated prompts act as a personal coach to help you achieve success on your Anxiety & Stress relief journey.

It Offers a Unique Algorithm to Personalize Your dashboard

Using a unique algorithm, the Anxiety and Stress Relief Prompt curates and personalizes it's dashboard depending on your moods, giving you a more customized experience. This will help you in better reaching your goals.


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